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Kami pergi dengan:
  • Kereta pergi balik= RM 50 --> Tol= RM 15 (pergi balik UPM-P.Dickson)
Kami menginap di:
  • Khemah di tepian laut (berdekatan rumah penginapan UPM)
kami makan di:
  • BBQ
  • Medan Selera di Teluk Kemang

Port Dickson Municipal Council (MPPD) also found that the beach area hosts an average of 200,000 visitors per month. So say what you like, Port Dickson (PD) is still attracting tourists by the thousands.

The beach on 8th Mile, Jalan Pantai is undoubtedly the most popular recreational beach in the area. For many years, families and friends have enjoyed activities together like swimming, picnicking, sandcastle building or simply holidaying.

A factor in its popularity is perhaps easy accessibility for those on the West Coast. Accommodation is also aplenty, food outlets are everywhere and stores supplying personal necessities are in abundance.

Today, Port Dickson – particularly the Teluk Kemang area – is undergoing major upgrading work in an effort to serve its loyal tourists better.

MPPD tourism officer Mohd Said says RM94 million has been allocated to upgrade facilities and beautify the landscape of Teluk Kemang.

"Even though right now we already have facilities like shower and changing rooms, terrace shops which sell beachwear, souvenirs and handicraft, as well as food stalls, they are lacking in uniformity and presentation," he says.

Work has started early in the year and is expected to be completed before year-end. The plan includes better landscape, proper pedestrian mall and storage space for watersports businesses.

"With Teluk Kemang's proposed new look, we hope to have a better management of the area," he says.

The last general upgrade of Teluk Kemang was in 1998 and the current project is certainly timely. "Frequent visitors have called for some major renovation," he says.

But for those who have made plans to visit PD, fret not – albeit the renovation – Teluk Kemang can still be enjoyed with activities like jet-skiing, banana boat rides, windsurfing or simply having a picnic with family and friends, making sandcastles and swimming in the sea.

The beach area houses the Dataran Seri Kemang where official Government functions, pop concerts and the well-known Pesta Port Dickson are held.

For those not so familiar with PD, there are other beaches to be enjoyed, if you so wish.

Going from north to south, the first is Saujana on the 4th Mile. It provides a pleasant spot for those seeking privacy and quiet to start or finish a book as well as bonding with loved ones. During low tide, one can enjoy up to half a km of beach at Saujana.

A mile south of Teluk Kemang is Purnama on 9th Mile. Here, shower and changing rooms, toilets, rest huts and camping facilities are provided. The beach is popular for its beautiful scenery, especially sunset. For those who value privacy and serenity, the beach is an alternative to Teluk Kemang.

The next is Tanjung Biru on the 10th Mile – mostly known as the Blue Lagoon. It is very close to Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado where a raptor watch is held every year. Also a popular spot, the beach is part of the upgrading work.

In the pipeline are piers to enable more people to go further out to sea, a pedestrian walkway and upgrading of rest huts.

Immediately after Blue Lagoon is Cermin, currently a little-known beach. Mohd Said mentions that the beach is being studied for some development.

Besides beaches, MPPD is working on promoting other activities. "We want to give tourists – be it day-trippers or holiday-makers – more to do in PD," he says. This is a major concern of the council.

Accommodation is the smallest worry, with about 52 hotels operating (from budget to five-star establishments), all packed during weekends, public and school holidays.

"We do not have any problems in regards to accommodation. What PD needs are activity-based facilities. The private sector can come in and lend a helping hand," Mohd Said says.

MPPD, though, is happy that such attractions are slowly making an appearance in recent years.

The tourist map starts with Kuala Lukut jetty and fishing kelong, located near the Sungai Lukut estuary in the north. A minimal charge of RM3 is charged for jetty fishing. Boats are also provided for those who wish to fish at the kelong, with a transportation fee of RM27 for 12-hour trip.

"We are also proud of the Admiral Marina Leisure Club, the only internationally-recognised marina in this part of the country," Mohd Said says.

Another area which PD can win greater acclaim is golf. It has three courses – PD Golf Club, Guoman Resort and Palm Springs Resort – which attract tourists from Taiwan and China.

For those who fancy history, the Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex is a mystifying discovery. There is also the popular-among-families Ostrich Farm and mini rabbit farm.

"There are the three museums – 2nd Royal Armour, RAMD and Fort Lukut Museums. We want to upgrade these to attract casual visitors. At present they only interest academicians, researchers and students," Mohd Said.

But PD doesn't want to lose its popularity as a family-oriented destination. It's more a question of expanding its appeal.

In this, MPPD is gearing up to offer or provide support to tour packages that will promote overnight vacations among the present day-trippers. "We want tourists to stay longer in PD," Mohd Said says.

GETTING THERE By road: Take the Port Dickson exit on the North-South Highway and follow the Port Dickson Highway which will lead you to a T-junction heading towards Port Dickson town or Teluk Kemang. Accommodation available on both sides of coastal road, Jalan Pantai. Passengers from Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur are recommended to take the Kesatuan Express Bas Service (Restu), the only bus service to Port Dickson on a regular basis. Fare RM6.15, journey about two hours. For more information on tourism, contact Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Port Dickson at Dataran Teluk Kemang (Tel: 06-6621864).

ACCOMMODATION Port Dickson offers more than 10,000 rooms ranging from five-star hotels, resorts to apartments, condominiums and budget hotels:
  1. Glory Beach Resort (Tel: 06-6516888),
  2. Le Paris Hotel and Resort (06-6479999),
  3. Merlin Hotel (06-6473544),
  4. Seaview Hotel (06-6471818),
  5. New Hai Tian Hotel (06-6471378),
  6. Sunshine Bay Resort (06-6470000),
  7. Corus Paradise Hotel (06-6477600),
  8. Golden Straits Villa (06-6476688),
  9. Avillion Village Resort (06-6477688),
  10. Rotary Sunshine Camp (06-6473798),
  11. Seri Malaysia Hotel (06-6476028),
  12. Asrama Belia (06-6472188),
  13. Royal PD Yacht Club (06-6474470),
  14. Bayu Beach Resort (06-6473703),
  15. Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort (06-6473013),
  16. Regency Hotel (06-6474492),
  17. Desa Lagoon Resort (06-6477515)
  18. Admiral Marina Leisure Club (06-6470888),
  19. Marine Bay (06-6479288),
  20. Marina Crescent (06-6479288),
  21. PD Perdana Condo (012-6111200),
  22. PD Golf & Country Club (06-6473123),
  23. PD World Marina Resort (06-6626778),
  24. Kemang Indah Resort (06-6626778),
  25. Muhibah Hotel (06-6625711),
  26. Pantai Ria Hotel (06-6625122),
  27. Selat Hotel (06-6625120),
  28. Lang Leng Hotel (Tel: N/A),
  29. Kong Meng Hotel (06-6625633),
  30. Impiana Resort Apartments (03-20266060, KL sales office),
  31. PD Villa Resort (06-6625962),
  32. Lido Hotel (06-6625273),
  33. Rumah Rehat MDPD (017-3571495),
  34. Seri Bulan Kondominium (06-6627030),
  35. Nube Training Centre (06-6628503),
  36. Pantai Motel (06-6628503),
  37. Ocean View (06-6627808),
  38. Laguna Condo Resort (06-6628352/7808),
  39. Halycon Guest House (06-6625323),
  40. Guoman Hotel (06-6627878),
  41. Rumah Penginapan Persekutuan (06-6628700),
  42. Tanjung Biru Beach Resort (06-6625545),
  43. Casa Rachado (06-6625177),
  44. Ilham Resort (06-6476070),
  45. Institut Latihan Fama (06-6626212),
  46. Royal Palm Spring Golf & Country Club (06-6610260),
  47. Eagle Ranch Resort (06-6610495).

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