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What necessary items to have in your car for long distance travel
To my mind some of the more practical items to have in the car (especially for outstation travels) are those that would come in handy in the event of either a breakdown or a flat tyre. The following list, though not inexhaustible, includes equipment that can be very useful in the event that a car has to be attended to by the roadside.

1. Hazard Triangle or Cone (collapsible type)
2. Torchlight (dry-cell or car-battery operated)
3. Flashing lamp (signal beacon)
4. Cross spanner (for stubborn wheel nuts)
5. Wheel Jack
6. Wheel stopper
7. A set of hand tools (screw-drivers, spanners, etc.)
8. Jump cables ( to jump-start flat batteries)
9. Empty Jerry can or Petrol can (at least 10 litre capacity)
10. 5-litre of water in a handy container.

Items 1-3 are a necessity in an emergency roadside situation at night.
Items 4-7 are needed to change a flat tyre.
Item 8 is self-explanatory when your battery is flat (particularly for Auto Trans Cars)
Item 9 would be useful when in need to buy petrol or in preparation thereof when traversing remote areas.
Item 10 can be a saviour for your radiator reservoir or simply for any cleaning purposes.

A note for the over-zealously careful motorist:
Neither you nor your car is geared for any rescue or civil-defence work. So leave that to the professionals else you need to have a 4-wheel drive car every time you make a trip outstation.

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