Saturday, July 18, 2009


It’s been long due (and stale perhaps?) but I still wish to jot down every bits of my recent trip in here – now only got the time to write! OK, where did I stopped last time?..

Day 5 (18 May 09) ~ Last night we took the speda motor (motorcycle) around Ubud area and wander around Jalan Monkey Forest which we were told a must go. Tapi turned out takde apa sangat and the shops closed tad early (9pm macamtu).

Today the plan is heading north, to the highland area. The journey ate up almost 2 hours, and the weather gets colder as the altitude gets higher. First stop - Ulun Danu Lake which is heavily covered by mist. Kat sini ada few stalls jual sovenirs but we didn’t buy any. Dok sibuk snapped pictures at the lakeside. And coincidentally ada funeral being held at the lakeside so we took the opportunity to learn a thing or two about their funeral custom. Today we have an extra company - Ibu Ayu decided to join us since she got nothing much to do around the house and we highly insisted!


Next stop – Strawberry Stop where they serve the fresh strawberry from the farm - waffles, pancakes, and all sort of strawberry drinks [strawberry shake sedap sangat!].


Kejap je dah dekat petang, then we stopped at a Muslim restaurant – azZahra Restaurant along the road. Their nasi ayam penyet memang sedap sangat! The soups pun sedap and we finished the foods in a jiffy!


Then singgah Sukawati market beli kain batik and sovenirs.

At night, Shahnaz decided to dress up Balinese style and we went to Ibu Ayu’s relative’s salon/spa – Ibu Yung and we let her dressed Shahnaz up in real Balinese customes and make-ups. She looked so pretty sebab this is the first time we ever saw her in total make-over (not to say that you weren’t prettier before..) ;)


We killed the time by taking turns pampering ourselves with the massages, hairdo and lulur at Ibu Yung’s place. After few hours, we went home and snapped Shahnaz’s pictures around the yard, together with Ibu Ayu and Pak Ketut who were so sporting putting on their traditional customes as well. Siap Ibu Ayu bagi Arda pinjam one of her beautiful kebaya to wear lagi!

We slept the night so peacefully sebab penat sangat went out the whole day!

  • Transportation : IDR 600,000 for 5 person
  • Makan2 : IDR200,000 for 7 people
  • Strawberry Stop : +/- IDR150,000
  • Salon/massage/hairwash : =/- IDR200,000

Day 6 (19 May 09) ~ High on agenda today : SHOPPING! We stuffed ourselves with traditional Balinese kuih (it was me yang cakap nak try kuih2 traditional Bali and Ibu went early in the morning to pasar to buy some). Kuih dia sama je, macam kuih buah melaka and kuih lopes.


We started our journey today to Pasar Umum Gianyar. Ibu Ayu tagged along-senang nak bargain-tapi at times she tak masuk campur and just let us practice our bargaining skills. We bought a lot of Kebaya sulam here, very22 cheap.


Then patah balik ke Ubud, and went to Ubud Market. Price here is a rip-off compared to Sukawati and Gianyar (this is the best place for bargain!) but we decided to jalan2 jugak. Bapak dropped us there and balik we all jalan kaki je since it’s so near. Tapi at times rasa macam sesat jugak coz all houses seemed…sama! (with the Balinese design etc)

Lunch at a very clean nasi padang restaurant at Ubud Road and lepas tu petang lepak2 jap sementara nak tunggu time pergi Sanur - Beaching!

Packed our swimsuits (hehe, as if?) and commenced journey to Sanur. We spent the whole evening suntanning, learn swimming from our very own swimming teachers; Mon and Arda. When the sun set, terus masuk kereta and balik dengan basah2 tu. The journey took about 45mins.


Malam, went to Warung Mina - a very nice restaurant about 10mins from the house. Since this is the last night we gonna spend here, we decided to spend all our money (we already set aside the airport tax) on the foods! Memang order banyak sangat but the foods sangat2 sedap, big portion and the service was superb! Oh forgot to mention, we went there with two motorbikes (naik 3 and 2 orang each without helmets on!) hehe..


That night – packed our stuffs and slept heavenly..

Day 7 (20 May 09) ~ Our very last day. Pagi2 after breakfast wander around the yard and spend time chatting with Ibu and Bapak. We went out sekejap to Bebek Bengil and snapped pictures at the ricefield behind it.


We had an early lunch – Ayam Betutu which was cooked one whole night bawah tanah (slow cook) which was extra delicious! We said goodbyes to Ibu Ayu and Ketut and Wayan with tears streaming down our cheeks. Serious sebak coz we already feel like we are at our home and rasa homesick masa nak balik.Then checkout around 11, singgah Ubud Market coz they wanna do final shopping spree, then sped of to airport.

Bali, I promise I’m gonna go visit you again. I fell in love with you at first sight, for seven consecutive days ;)

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